About Us

The Dexter Cider Mill is the longest continuously operating Cider Mill in Michigan. Cited by "Hour Detroit" magazine as one of the 101 places to visit in the greater Metropolitan Detroit area. Today we make cider the same way it was made over 137 years ago by using an oak rack press. Using locally grown, handpicked apples and blending 3-5 different varieties, makes each press of our cider unique. 

Along with our natural oak pressed unpasteurized cider, we offer fresh apples and from our own bakery, doughnuts, caramel apples and apple nut bread. On weekends, we also have apple strudel, apple turnovers and our own hand rolled gingersnaps. Available too, are a number of apple related products: frozen slushies (Friday-Sunday), jellies, apple butter, vinegar related products, barbecue sauces, mustards, and pickled asparagus, locally grown/made products, such as popcorn, maple syrup and honey. Our own mixes as well as, The Dexter Cider Mill Apple Cookbook. Plus, boiled cider, cider vinegar, and hard cider that we are now making. 

Dexter Cider Mill

A little of our family history…My parents went on a date to The Dexter Cider Mill over 60 years ago. My Dad, being from the east coast, was reminded of home by the appearance and setting of the mill (located on a bank of the Huron River). He said to my Mom he’d love to own a place like the mill someday. Well, about twenty- five years later his dream became a reality and they bought the cider mill as retirement project when I was a sophomore in college. My husband and I have since bought the mill from my parents. Often there are three generations at the mill on the weekends, as our boys come to help when they can. Thirty- six years later, my parents are still at the mill with us daily and don’t see an end in sight for their second retirement. 

The Dexter Cider Mill’s history…The cider mill has only had three owners: The VanNatter Family who started the cider mill in 1886, The Otto Wagner family purchased the mill in 1900 and it was in his family for 86 years until my parents bought it in 1986. We have updated the mill but have greatly tried to maintain its tradition and heritage as we progress. The history of the mill means a lot to us and we feel it’s important that the younger generations are able to see how cider was made so long ago. 

We love what we do and have met some incredible people, local and from afar, over the years. Whether you are just coming to us for your first visit or you have been multiple times, we hope you enjoy yourself and continue to make it a tradition. 

​Nancy & Marty Steinhauer
The Dexter Cider Mill Owners